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Sushila Anderson

I'm a Minnesota glass artist with more than 10 years experience with fused and stained glass, and now dipping my toes into mosaic artwork. I've always had a strong passion for art, even in high school I was winning art awards and displaying my work in the Minnesota State Fair.

I've created my business out of my love of glass and passion for creating art. I use bold colors and dynamic visual movement in all of my artwork. My inspiration for my artwork comes from bold colors in glass, movement in art, and in nature. My artwork has been exhibited in art shows

and art galleries in Minneapolis and St. Paul area.

Last year, 2020, I completed my first glass on glass mosaic. I have now enjoyed becoming a member of the MN Mosaic Guild, making new friends, and creating monthly mosaic challenges.

I look forward to expanding my creativity in glass artwork and exhibiting mosaic artwork alongside the very talented artists in the guild.






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