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Maria Durnbaugh

As a mixed media and glass artist, I get to combine all of my passions.  I don't have to settle on one medium to express myself.  I can use a photograph or drawing and apply a stained glass mosaic on top of it.  Glass is so versatile and I absolutely love the color palettes and combinations available to choose from. 


I can also sculpt an object and apply all sorts of items to adorn it and create a 3D mosaic piece from scratch or I can re-purpose a 3D item into something totally new and whimsical.  


My favorite aspect of my art is the puzzle element - each finished piece arrives by meticulously cutting and shaping or manipulating each element to fit together to achieve my desired end result.  


I am constantly stimulated by nature.  The swirl of a fern, the petals of a flower, and the puffs of the clouds – inspiration abounds in the natural world.  I also thoroughly enjoy adding sparkle and shine to my pieces. Mosaics incorporate all of my favorite elements; color, texture and form.


Facebook: marialouisedesignsx

Instagram: marialouisedesigns

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