About Us

Established in 2004, the Minnesota Mosaic Guild (MMG) was formed to promote the art of mosaic; foster exploration and experimentation in the media; provide educational opportunities in mosaic; and share and celebrate the diversity of experience and knowledge in the media. Our members emerge from a multitude of artistic backgrounds including sculpture, art instruction, jewelry making, graphic design and oil painting.

Many members have been active in community projects throughout the Twin Cities; artist residencies and workshops; mentoring of emerging artists; and promoting mosaic as a fine art. Several of our members are professional mosaicists whose work can be seen throughout the Twin Cities. Two include, Mosaic on a Stick, and, J Ring Glass Studio, who serve as sponsors to our organization.

If you are a mosaic artist--whether beginner or advanced-- and are interested in joining the Minnesota Mosaic Guild, please contact us at mnmosaicguild@gmail.com.

Meet the Artists

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Rachel Arntson

Shelley Beaumont

Rebecca Campbell

Kristin Dieng

Debra DSouza

Maria Durnbaugh

Stacia Goodman

Kelly Holzer

Janet Houck

Kellie G. Hoyt

Elizabeth Kitchell-Rockstad

Laura Lee

Mimi Leminh

Amy Leyden

Susan Mathis

Maureen Rath

Marla Riemer

Lisa Van Wyk

Trudy Vrchota

Shawn Wiski