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Rebecca Campbell

My current work reflects my home and surroundings, in Lake Superior's Chequamegon Bay area. Each piece is inspired by the beauty of the local landscape or the personalities of the animals that inhabit this landscape.  With these mosaics, I hope to link art and nature in a way that draws attention to, and generates a deeper appreciation for, the interdependent habitats and ecosystems supporting the diverse flora and fauna of the Chequamegon Bay area.

My mosaics begin with an image, usually a photographic reference that is reworked into a sketch. I then begin the hunt for supplies. I choose my materials from a large collection of recycled and discarded items, thrift store treasures, handmade and found objects such as crockery, buttons, flatware, bullet shell casings, beads, glass, and vintage jewelry. I create some of the patterns on tiles used in these mosaics by making impressions in clay with objects. I also incorporate handmade tiles stamped with text. Those tiles convey information as well as my own thoughts and ideas. The text may also refer to quotes from literature, song lyrics, or information about the subject, such as scientific information, size, habits, diet, habitat and calls.


My hope is that these works appeal to the viewer on many different levels. As he or she is drawn to a flashy assortment of color, materials, patterns and textures, the viewer gains some specific knowledge or feeling about the flora and fauna of the region.


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