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Shakuntala Maheshwari

My art reflects my experiences without being bound to particular mediums; it reflects my passion to create in the moment.

I am a visual artist, folk artist and photographer, running my own art business “Shakuntala Design Inc.” since 1974. Teaching gives me opportunity to learn and share my knowledge to spread love for creative process. I teach, do demonstration workshops and residency. I have participated in many art shows and art competitions. 

I started my journey in art with impermanent traditional Indian folk arts at a very young age. We did not have the luxury to buy art or art supplies that time.  I started doing mosaic with fabric left over pieces sewing them and enhancing with  embroidery so we don’t have to throw or waste the material. After my college I made mosaic art with all different discarded or left over materials. When I had opportunity to learn to do stain glass it open up a new field in mosaic creation.

After started teaching with Young audience now it compass I did mosaic projects with students still are in use at schoolsAcademy for the blind Faribault MN , Brooklyn center high school. .Before Covid had an opportunity to do unique mosaic project with high school kids. It was a challenge end results were worth it.


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