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4, My Mind is a Kaleidoscope.jpg

Shelley Beaumont

Childhood memories of living in the mountains of Colorado, astrology, tarot, quantum energy, sacred geometry, a love of rocks, and an interest in the mysteries of ancient civilizations swirl together to create the playing ground for my inspirations. 


I adore working with crystals and gemstones for their color and beauty as well as for their energetic and metaphysical properties.  I create an energy field with my art that is intended to interact with the energy field of the viewer. The colors, design, and materials for each piece are infused with metaphysical intent with layers of meaning and function in each piece. The use of mirror, or other reflective elements, enhances the function of each piece as it draws the person into himself or herself while engaging with my art.


Facebook: shelleybeaumonthealingmosaics

Instagram: @shelleybeaumontartist

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